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2015 Cost of Living Index Medellin is cheap to live

The new 2015 cost of living index has been published, link below to check where your living now as compare to Medellin Colombia or any other city you may think of as your “spot” to retire to.

The bottom line MEDELLIN RANK 38 about HALF the cost living as compare to living in the USA, scores in the 70 to 100 rank Los Angeles, San Francisco Portland Oregon or even New York are more than double the cost to live than a better quality of life in Medellin Colombia.

The factors considered were rent, food, restaurants, etc.

Check the details here, find your favourite city to compare actual cost.

Colombia Food & Travel Guide Medellin FREE DOWNLOAD

Colombia Travel in your plans, coming to Medellin Valley, here is a handy Colombia Travel Medellin Guide for FREE.

Colombia Medellin Food & Travel Guide is free…

My book on Colombia Great Eats called “Colombia Street Food Guide” has five day trips out of Medellin Valley not to miss.  The bonus chapters have self guided direction, maps and photos of places outside the normal tourist spots you should visit while in Medellin.

Medellin city itself has plenty to see too, this guide is for getting you out of the city for a day & Enjoy the Great foods of Colombia too ! 

Absolutely FREE,  chick here to be directed to a download page.