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Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee Coffee Coffee, can we ever get enough of this wake-up must have everyday drug habit?  YES, this is a drug, a legal one at that too.  Even if it comes from Colombia noted for the Drug Capital of the World, this is their other export product.

Brewing your perfect “cup of joe” as many refer to this brownish liquid take a bit of the science involved.  Taking you back to high school chem lab, is not my mission today, but rather give a few hints to the perfect cup of coffee you can make at home.

Select your jar of Coffee beans, fresh grind to a medium fine grind, 2 tablespoons of ground beans per 8oz cup

Fresh bottle water, minus the chemicals in the tap water, helps too

Water heated to a boil, then wait off boil count to twenty, = 190f or about 90c

pour over grounds, wet first, then continue.  See many Google Post on how to use a pour over

This will equal the perfect cup of coffee, no matter what country your in.

Now if your in Medellin, head over to Pergamino Cafe in Poblado for a cup of Perfect Coffee, my favourite place to sit and watch the world go by, outside patio cafe.

Check out a few images of pour over coffee making PLUS see the BBC news post on making the Perfect Cup of Coffee, of which this reporter decided to visit Medellin for himself, to test the coffee…

I have a few YouTuber Videos on brewing via a Mr. Coffee Jr, making it into a pour over, link click here in a week.


Link to BBC News post on making Colombian Perfect Cup of Coffee 


Link to Serious Eats Science of pour over