Basic Salsa Steps to learn

The best way to meet people here in Colombia, is you need to LEARN SALSA.  Really not hard to learn the “basic” Cali Colombian Salsa steps.  Build on your dance from there.  Several dance studios are in Medellin to help, below are a few YouTube videos to get you stated.  Many of the Salsa Clubs give free lessons prior to opening for a hour at 7:00pm too, come learn to dance, meet girls have a great time for your second life to begin !!  Really, it all starts with a few simple steps.


This next video below is one I found easy to learn from, you will see all the basic steps, now go out to a Salsa Club there are plenty of cute girls just waiting to dance with you “age” is not an item, trust me all the girls will dance with you, give you a chance to meet a lot of great Colombian people too !!