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NO MORE UPDATES- Go to Ecuador not Colombia

Hello, after a long journey of trying to help others come to Colombia, the time has come to CLOSE THIS WEB SITE.

My goal was never about making money from this site OR any of the dozen or more books I now give for FREE, all for information only, not to make money, never was about money.

Books are still available on these links:

Colombia Expat Guide 

Colombia Food Guide & Five Days Trips out of Medellin 

Here it is in black n white:   I have never sold Real Estate or Rented apartments for anyone coming to Colombia, I have MADE ZERO $$ no money ever off any person coming to Colombia, I do not give tours nor do I receive any referral fee from anyone. I do have a few people whom I pass along your request to, but these services are not by me or any company I own.  Too much of many of the reader of this site say otherwise, my personal friends here in Colombia whom know me, know this statement is true.

I decided to close any future referrals to anyone for anyone, your coming here, good luck your on your own.

TRY GOING TO ECUADOR !!   Much better cities, cheaper, way too many expats all ready there to share your stories with, better and easier methods of getting low cost health care too.  If your reading this do some research on Ecuador, you may find this a country better than Colombia.

If you still decide upon Colombia, I am easy to find, glad to share a cup of coffee share world travel stories and photography & video tips.

My best to all  Rusty

Retire Medellin Colombia Adventure day trip Travels

Hello this is Russell, today in this video I wish to tell you about all the places you can go starting from Medellin as your “base camp”.   Adventure Travel to other close countries and day trip out of the Valley Medellin to close cities you should visit.  A few hobbies you may wish to consider too, all possible as your new life begins here, today from what I call my Base Camp the Valley of Eternal Spring Medellin Colombia.

Take a peek at this video, the entire list of links mentioned in this YouTuber are listing at the bottom, scroll down.

ADVENTURE TRIPS WITH LNKS BELOW Know a travel spot you have found, send me a photo and note glad to add your adventure to the list.

These are in no special order. My personal list when someone ask “what to do”, we start down the list to decide.

Cartagena old city and Spanish Fort
Bogota Salt Mines Zipaquira and Nemocon
Santa Fe and the oldest suspension bridge in South America worth a visit
Coffee Tour day trip out of Medellin and a longer coffee tour to Armenia
Rio Claro Caves and river fun
Bike riding, road bikes and mountain biking the old rail road trails and tunnels, Friday nite city meet-up tour easy ride
Hang Gliders Para Gliders
Churches, photography, stain glass art windows from Europe, pipe organs
the ROCK
Churches way too many to count
San Andres Island seven shades of blue waters
San Blas Islands over 400 of them just off the coast of Colombia
Turtles La Cuevita Beach
Bird Watching Just out of Medellin is the Warbler Reserve in the coffee plantations, Yellow one name? Red head one too
Sierra Nevada lost city
Death Road Mountain Bike Trek
Chile Milky Way Stars photography tour Atacama Desert
Chile Wine Region
Argentina Wine Region
Peru Train Trip to Machu Picchu & overnight at base cheap hotel
Costa Rica Surf Camp and the best rain forrest ZIP line tours anywhere.
Horse back riding around Medellin countryside
Jardin city more caves, waterfalls, gondola, horses, quad trek
Bolivar coffee day trip
Cuba Havana has daily flight from Medellin, visit for a day n back
Aruba Island flight from Medellin
Flower grower tour “how they get from seed to your supermarket”
Coffee tour what I call “earth to cup” complete coffee plantation tour two days
Wild Bee Honey trek “how to get gather your own honey”
Jeep back country trek
Quad back country trek
Sailing private charter Cartagena to San Blas fly back from Panama
Santa Marta beach park
Amazon Rain Forest & Amazon River origin
Caribbean coast
Mud Baths Volcano hot mud Cartagena and Arboletts
La Miel Beach & Capurgana beach travel ‘white sandy beaches” Sapzurro waterfall
Bahia Solano-El Valle Deep Sea Fishing some of the finest in the world plus Humpback whales with their young
Necocil first city the Spanish landed 1509
Gold Mine Town Marmato 80km north of Manizales
Suroeste Antioqueno waterfall Magaio en Conocordia Church Caramanta inside view

see my book for all most 100 things to do in city Medellin in the book section, photos, maps and details

Retirement Visa to Colombia How to Retire Colombia Cheap

Hello this is Russell.  The YouTuber video below is my introduction of myself and to give you a bit of information on Medellin Colombia so you may discover the Valley of Eternal Spring for yourself, come for a visit you may never leave.

Retirement Visa help is available from several friends locally in Medellin, PLUS I can help you with all your VISA paperwork and Investment VISA services too for 2014. . Retirement Visa for USA citizen in Colombia was free in 2013, now changed to less than $300. for 2014.    Compare this  all most “free” $300. to other retirement places, Costa Rica $2300. Panama $2,000, Thailand $1,000. Philippines will take a CD $10,000 or stay unto two years now on a Tourist Visa in Philippines new for 2014,  Belize now requires a deposit of $24,000 a year, the list goes on, when you can have it all in Colombia, the friendly people, great weather, awesome food and cheap housing all await your retirement to the valley were everyday is “Spring” !

We are in the process of posting over a hundred more “how to move to Colombia” videos.  In the mean time here my BOOK<  Retire Colombia Cheap is in print at Amazon, Barns n Noble, Apple iBooks, use the links on side bar or top menu to get your complete GUIDE TO RETIREMENT IN COLOMBIA CHEAP.  Now when you get my book from Amazon this is enough for a cold locally brewed beer here, thank you and cheers.


Medellin Colombia Apartments you can afford $600 to $700 a month

This is a short video on what will $600 to $700 dollars for a apartment be like.  This is in the Beverly Hills area in all of South America Poblado Medellin.  I take you around to the next closes city for a compare prices and features of a 1 bedroom in Poblado vs a 3 bedroom in Envigado both in a brand new buildings both for the same $700 per month.  Only difference is 5 miles between the two buildings, nothing else.  Poblado vs Envigado.

Vacant apartments rentals in a new building very large 2 to 3 bed in Envigado or Sanbaneta $600 to $900 a month.  The same apartment in Poblado expect to pay $200 -$300 more.   Laurales across the Medellin River is even less, $500 a month in a established older brick walk up building rents are cheaper, still very safe neighbourhoods.   Barrios where you may not wish to live $200 to $400 a month rental factor is common for the typical Colombian, I do know a few retired folks in this class of neighbourhoods, you have to come visit drive around to find your own comfort zone.

My book Retire Colombia Cheap I go over additional cities in Medellin Valley to live along with photos of $300 to $500 a month walk-up apartments in a middle class neighbourhood.  Very nice unit, you only have to see the photos to agree.   You can live here with a great quality of life, perfect spring weather everyday, and do it all on your Social Security too.  Come down to see us, I can have one of the local folks drive you around, help you with your move to the Valley of Eternal Spring, Medellin Colombia.

Enjoy this video, as I tell you a bit more about Medellin.

Colombian Fruit Juices served at the local Cafe

This is a short video to show n tell about the different types and names of the Fruit Juices served in the local Colombian Cafes and Restaurants.  Colombia has over 200 different types of fruit of these about 20 plus are squeezed for juice and of these there are the TOP TEN.  Here are a few to get you started into the wonderful TROPICAL FRUIT JUICES served with every meal in Colombia, watch and take notes OR sign up for my newsletter and get your free copy of my book a Photography Tour on the foods of Colombia has a section with all the names and images, your copy is free for signing up. Photo is a Granadilla, grab a spoon and eat as fresh fruit right out of it’s God given bowl, seeds and all, just awesome !!

Medellin Colombia Fruit Juice Cafe Tropical Fruit explained

Hello this is Russell to help guide you into the world of Tropical Fruit Juices of Colombia.  Colombia grows over 200 hundred different types of fruit and of these 20 are typical to squeezed into juice and then again of these about 10 are most popular.  Learn about these Top Ten Juice Picks in a two part YouTube video set, this is part one of two.

Besides making squeezed juices Colombia makes Fruit Smoothies blended with a little bit of ice, sugar along with fresh fruit.  My favourite TROPICAL DRINK is a mix of Watermelon and fresh Coconut chunks into a blender with ice to make one great Tropical drink, a Coconut Watermelon smoothie, give this combo a try when in country.

I hope this mini guide will help you order when your faced with a list of unknown words on the cafe restaurant menu, order two to find your best top ten juice picks.

Medellin Colombia Supermarket Citrus Fruit and Avocados

This is a short video to show you about the different types of Citrus fruit and Avocados available in your local Colombian Supermarket or street side fruit vendor.  There are over 200 different types of fruit grown in Colombia.  See our other videos on the TOP TEN FRUIT JUICES of Colombia you will find on the menu out of the 20 plus possibles they make juice from my personal ten favourites.  My how to make my personal recipe for Killer Guacamole and fresh Salsa video is on my YouTube Channel too.  Enjoy your time in Colombia a Retire Colombia Cheap is possible on a limited budget.