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Colombia New VISA Requirements 2016-UPDATED

Colombia Coffee Countryside

Coffee Countryside, image is nursery for baby coffee plants & the mountains beyond

New VISA requirements for Colombia

Hello this is Russell this is really me, I am back now living once again in my loved city of Medellin.   My absents was from travel in Asia, of which if you check my other web sites you can see all about my adventure travels.

Now back I wish to share the new 2016 Colombian Government requirements for the three main type of VISA available in Colombia.

  1.  RETIREMENT VISA the amount is now lower due to the great exchange rate of the Peso to USD,  you need to show $652. to qualify
  2. BUSINESS OWNER VISA, this has a few changes over 2014 to 2015, now in 2016 the paperwork process is still a bit much, all doable, and the best part how they have lowered the funds to $21,749.   This class of visa a part of these funds required can be in your equipment and part in “cash” at hand. If you wish this class of visa we can assist in the paperwork with our staff of English speaking helpers.
  3. PROPERTY OWNER VISA, this too has a lower amount to quality, now $76,123 of a purchase in Colombia.  This can be a apartment or warehouse or commercial building for rental income too.  The new international banking laws now apply to Colombia as well.  Your funds need to be legalised in the purchase process, a step we can help you with in the purchase process.

I have a new REFERRAL FOR ALL MY EXPAT FRIENDS COMING TO COLOMBIA:   This is a VISA help and soon they are going to launch a NEW Premier Colombian Properties web site too, all now in the process of taking video and images of all the properties we wish to showcase now, I am helping them with the video of the properties.


  1.  You can now make an appointment for your Cedula at Migration office, no need to go an wait in line
  2. Migration will now accept a CREDIT CARD, you no longer need to make a bank deposit prior to seeing them.
  3. The old PDF system of seeing if your CEDULA is ready, will soon be replaced with a web based system to check.



Feature the upper range of properties, in Apartments, Homes, Finca, plus vacant land, budding lots, orchards, coffee plantation all offered for sale in Colombia.

Two new services are, one they will have a few pre-vetted apartment for rent on long term without the large upfront deposits as normal with local realtors, the owners know in advance they are renting to a citizen of another country, you can now rent with no Colombian co-signer required, again as other agency do require plus 6 months advance rent, is just silly !!

Finally, we have a few selected properties where the owners are willing to carry the mortgage contact with a minimal downpayment.

The dollar to peso has never been better in a dozen years, now just above the 3,300 mark, your dollar buying power is about 75% MORE than just a year ago, you can now buy more property for less.  The dollar on the street goes a long way today, plenty of bargains !!   Food, restaurants , travel all are now at low low prices, come on down enjoy the Spring Weather of 70’s 80’s everyday.

Look for this new Real Estate site launch soon from Ian Palmer, he is a Expat from Canada. 

my new local cell is 310-828-9599   of course my direct e-mail is


Retire Medellin Colombia Adventure day trip Travels

Hello this is Russell, today in this video I wish to tell you about all the places you can go starting from Medellin as your “base camp”.   Adventure Travel to other close countries and day trip out of the Valley Medellin to close cities you should visit.  A few hobbies you may wish to consider too, all possible as your new life begins here, today from what I call my Base Camp the Valley of Eternal Spring Medellin Colombia.

Take a peek at this video, the entire list of links mentioned in this YouTuber are listing at the bottom, scroll down.

ADVENTURE TRIPS WITH LNKS BELOW Know a travel spot you have found, send me a photo and note glad to add your adventure to the list.

These are in no special order. My personal list when someone ask “what to do”, we start down the list to decide.

Cartagena old city and Spanish Fort
Bogota Salt Mines Zipaquira and Nemocon
Santa Fe and the oldest suspension bridge in South America worth a visit
Coffee Tour day trip out of Medellin and a longer coffee tour to Armenia
Rio Claro Caves and river fun
Bike riding, road bikes and mountain biking the old rail road trails and tunnels, Friday nite city meet-up tour easy ride
Hang Gliders Para Gliders
Churches, photography, stain glass art windows from Europe, pipe organs
the ROCK
Churches way too many to count
San Andres Island seven shades of blue waters
San Blas Islands over 400 of them just off the coast of Colombia
Turtles La Cuevita Beach
Bird Watching Just out of Medellin is the Warbler Reserve in the coffee plantations, Yellow one name? Red head one too
Sierra Nevada lost city
Death Road Mountain Bike Trek
Chile Milky Way Stars photography tour Atacama Desert
Chile Wine Region
Argentina Wine Region
Peru Train Trip to Machu Picchu & overnight at base cheap hotel
Costa Rica Surf Camp and the best rain forrest ZIP line tours anywhere.
Horse back riding around Medellin countryside
Jardin city more caves, waterfalls, gondola, horses, quad trek
Bolivar coffee day trip
Cuba Havana has daily flight from Medellin, visit for a day n back
Aruba Island flight from Medellin
Flower grower tour “how they get from seed to your supermarket”
Coffee tour what I call “earth to cup” complete coffee plantation tour two days
Wild Bee Honey trek “how to get gather your own honey”
Jeep back country trek
Quad back country trek
Sailing private charter Cartagena to San Blas fly back from Panama
Santa Marta beach park
Amazon Rain Forest & Amazon River origin
Caribbean coast
Mud Baths Volcano hot mud Cartagena and Arboletts
La Miel Beach & Capurgana beach travel ‘white sandy beaches” Sapzurro waterfall
Bahia Solano-El Valle Deep Sea Fishing some of the finest in the world plus Humpback whales with their young
Necocil first city the Spanish landed 1509
Gold Mine Town Marmato 80km north of Manizales
Suroeste Antioqueno waterfall Magaio en Conocordia Church Caramanta inside view

see my book for all most 100 things to do in city Medellin in the book section, photos, maps and details

Medellin Colombia Empanada Street Food treat

Retirement in Medellin Colombia means you can enjoy the little things in life, one of them is going for a snack when you feel like it.  One of my favourite snack food cafe is the Empanada Cafe located just across the street from Park Bolivar directly across from the Church fountain.  Empanada cafe serves warm crunchy deep fried corn meal filled goodness of meat potato mixture, with a squeeze of lime a little guacamole sauce your in heaven for that late morning treat snack or even for lunch.  These re-heat great in the microwave too.

Enjoy this short video on the quality of life living in the Valley of Eternal Spring, Medellin Colombia.