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Medellin in 36 hours New York Times video post

The New York Times recently had posted a Travel Video on Medellin which is worth the three minutes to watch.  Interesting places and things to see and do while on holiday or extended longer visits, here are some ideas of what to do.   One of these links below should work !!




Colombia Food & Travel Guide Medellin FREE DOWNLOAD

Colombia Travel in your plans, coming to Medellin Valley, here is a handy Colombia Travel Medellin Guide for FREE.

Colombia Medellin Food & Travel Guide is free…

My book on Colombia Great Eats called “Colombia Street Food Guide” has five day trips out of Medellin Valley not to miss.  The bonus chapters have self guided direction, maps and photos of places outside the normal tourist spots you should visit while in Medellin.

Medellin city itself has plenty to see too, this guide is for getting you out of the city for a day & Enjoy the Great foods of Colombia too ! 

Absolutely FREE,  chick here to be directed to a download page. 


Medellin Colombia Empanada Street Food treat

Retirement in Medellin Colombia means you can enjoy the little things in life, one of them is going for a snack when you feel like it.  One of my favourite snack food cafe is the Empanada Cafe located just across the street from Park Bolivar directly across from the Church fountain.  Empanada cafe serves warm crunchy deep fried corn meal filled goodness of meat potato mixture, with a squeeze of lime a little guacamole sauce your in heaven for that late morning treat snack or even for lunch.  These re-heat great in the microwave too.

Enjoy this short video on the quality of life living in the Valley of Eternal Spring, Medellin Colombia.

Colombian Fruit Juices served at the local Cafe

This is a short video to show n tell about the different types and names of the Fruit Juices served in the local Colombian Cafes and Restaurants.  Colombia has over 200 different types of fruit of these about 20 plus are squeezed for juice and of these there are the TOP TEN.  Here are a few to get you started into the wonderful TROPICAL FRUIT JUICES served with every meal in Colombia, watch and take notes OR sign up for my newsletter and get your free copy of my book a Photography Tour on the foods of Colombia has a section with all the names and images, your copy is free for signing up. Photo is a Granadilla, grab a spoon and eat as fresh fruit right out of it’s God given bowl, seeds and all, just awesome !!