Medellin Colombia Apartments you can afford $600 to $700 a month

This is a short video on what will $600 to $700 dollars for a apartment be like.  This is in the Beverly Hills area in all of South America Poblado Medellin.  I take you around to the next closes city for a compare prices and features of a 1 bedroom in Poblado vs a 3 bedroom in Envigado both in a brand new buildings both for the same $700 per month.  Only difference is 5 miles between the two buildings, nothing else.  Poblado vs Envigado.

Vacant apartments rentals in a new building very large 2 to 3 bed in Envigado or Sanbaneta $600 to $900 a month.  The same apartment in Poblado expect to pay $200 -$300 more.   Laurales across the Medellin River is even less, $500 a month in a established older brick walk up building rents are cheaper, still very safe neighbourhoods.   Barrios where you may not wish to live $200 to $400 a month rental factor is common for the typical Colombian, I do know a few retired folks in this class of neighbourhoods, you have to come visit drive around to find your own comfort zone.

My book Retire Colombia Cheap I go over additional cities in Medellin Valley to live along with photos of $300 to $500 a month walk-up apartments in a middle class neighbourhood.  Very nice unit, you only have to see the photos to agree.   You can live here with a great quality of life, perfect spring weather everyday, and do it all on your Social Security too.  Come down to see us, I can have one of the local folks drive you around, help you with your move to the Valley of Eternal Spring, Medellin Colombia.

Enjoy this video, as I tell you a bit more about Medellin.