Medellin Colombia Fruit Juice Cafe Tropical Fruit explained

Hello this is Russell to help guide you into the world of Tropical Fruit Juices of Colombia.  Colombia grows over 200 hundred different types of fruit and of these 20 are typical to squeezed into juice and then again of these about 10 are most popular.  Learn about these Top Ten Juice Picks in a two part YouTube video set, this is part one of two.

Besides making squeezed juices Colombia makes Fruit Smoothies blended with a little bit of ice, sugar along with fresh fruit.  My favourite TROPICAL DRINK is a mix of Watermelon and fresh Coconut chunks into a blender with ice to make one great Tropical drink, a Coconut Watermelon smoothie, give this combo a try when in country.

I hope this mini guide will help you order when your faced with a list of unknown words on the cafe restaurant menu, order two to find your best top ten juice picks.