Retire Colombia Medellin how to catch a Taxi

Hello everyone today let me show you how easy it is to get a TAXI in Medellin or any city in Colombia all have the same methods.  The Taxi in Medellin is “metered” meaning you pay the actual amount shown on the meter.  A few cities in Colombia there are taxi service however they do not have a meter system in place for a few smaller cities, in that case ask about the fare prior to getting into the taxi !!

Medellin is no problem, stick your arm out flag one down, jump in, the meter should be re-set to 2600 peso, if not ask the driver to re-set prior to your start.  The minimum meter amount to pay is 4400 peso, a very short trip this is what to expect to pay if less than this amount on the meter.  Taxi to the airport is fixed flat rate set  by the government, now at $57,000 peso and includes the toll booth fee, the taxi driver will pay this.

Enjoy the video, for the most part in Medellin or any city in Colombia the taxi drivers are courtesy, friendly group of guys and gals too.