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Your Colombian Retirement Visa Process, is easy

” The process to get a VISA has changed for 2016, please read my letter just blow on the new process”

contact James Lindzey directly  links just below.

Hello this is Russell, let me help you with your Retirement Visa for Colombia. I personally really like to see who I am dealing with, above is a photo of my good friend JAMES and James is a good guy and can take care of all your VISA requirements for Colombia.

James Shotwell Lindzey III
Gerente / CEO
Colombia  Legal & Accounting sas
Visas y Tramites Internacionales
(Marlon is my assistant)
(1) 305 767 2766 – USA
(57-4) 444- 6634  – Medellin Office
(57) 301 337 1881 – Colombia Cell
Skype: colombiavisas



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easy way to get your letter

Today I have contacted both the US Embassy in Bogota and the SSA department about the new methods of getting a “Social Security Benefits Letter”.

here are the four methods


Go to the SSA web site,

You will want to create an account, left hand side of this main home page: MY SOCIAL SECURITY.

Create an account, log in and go to your Benefit & Payment Details link top menu bar, click to open this page,

Middle of this page you will see “GET A BENEFIT VERIFICATION LETTER”  click on this link, it will open your SSA Benefit letter.

Upper Left corner, says PRINT NOW, depends upon your computer most may have on the print menu a PDF button, select “mail PDF” which will attach your SSA Benefit letter to a e-mail ready to send.   Send me a copy and c.c. yourself on a copy too.


2.Call your local SSA office, have them mail you a copy and then FAX us the copy to start your VISA process. We have a USA FAX number 415.520.0114.

3.Call your local SSA office, ask if they can FAX you a copy to 415.520.0114.  This comes directly to our office in Medellin, please send me an e-mail that this fax is coming, make sure I’m on the look out for it, I will send you a reply e-mail to confirm we have it.

4. Last method which to me is a lot of trouble and the very last resort, visit the US Embassy in Bogota.  Below is the e-mail I got today, which is a way long process plus a visit to Bogota unless your living in Bogota then this may be a method for you.


For the certification letter you need to send us the original of form DS-5505, attached, fill it (include your SSN), sign it, add a copy of any communication from the SSA and/or VA that shows the amounts you receive and with a copy of your valid US passport, to our address:


Federal Benefits Unit

CRA 45 #24B-27


The certification will be sent by mail the day after your documents are received. If you or someone you choose can pick it up at the Embassy, give them an authorization or give us their info on the reply and let us know when they would be picking it up.

Remember to specify who the letter should be addressed to.

Thank you,

Federal Benefits Unit
US Embassy Bogota


here is the PDF form they reference

DS-5505 PRIVACY ACT need to Google this to find on download the PDF.



The FAX number for our office is a USA number, have them fax your SSA Benefits letter to 415.520.0114.   Please send me a e-mail note to let us know you have completed this task so we may be on the look out for your SSA letter.  I will send you a confirmation e-mail once we receive it.

We need your benefit letter in a PDF format.  If you all ready have received a “paper” copy mailed to you or faxed to you in the USA it needs to be dated within 30 days of your arrival.  Please scan this letter into a PDF  and e-mail to my office.

The reason for your SSA Benefits letter sent to us now, is to give us a chance to get this SSA letter “Apostille”, as this process we take care of in the USA. The letter is sent back to us takes about a week plus.  We have limited time on your dated letter with this in mind let us start this process for you today.  This is the legalization stamp of a foreign document [the SSA Benefits letter] which has to be done in the USA.  If you are not of age for SSA retirement benefits yet, you have retired early and have other retirement income coming from your local state, union or another agency, you may have to have your benefits letter Apostille from your local state as we are only able to Apostille the Federal Government Social Security letter.  Simply call or e-mail me if your wish a retirement visa and are not getting SSA Benefits yet, I will explain the process for you to get your documents legal for submission to the Colombian government.


The State Department of the USA decided this year to start charging the citizens of South American countries coming to USA for a visit, prior to this their visitor Tourist visa was free.  Several countries of South America are now charging all new visa being processed a “tit for tat” fee.  Meaning where the Retirement Visa used to be FREE, there is now a charge from the Colombian Government, effective 2014. The fee is less than $300.

2. The entire visa process now needs to be submitted “electronic” no more paper forms.  We have the new software for this new visa submission process.

Your photos now need to be in a digital image, which we can take care of for you once your here in Medellin, the photo shops now can comply with delivery of the passport image in a disk format.   The Cedula ID card photos still needs paper prints.

3. NEXT:  I need a scan copy of your Passport main page into a PDF.   This is the page with your photo on it.  Scan this into a PDF and e-mail this to me today.  The reason is to get your package started we need your vital information on your passport to prepare in advance of your arrival the Application Letter & Power of Attorney letter.  This way when you arrive all the forms are ready, so we make take only part of one day to get started.  Both of these forms need to be notarized with your signature here in Colombia.  Once notarized will will scan them for the electronic delivery of your total visa package.  You can use Office Max, Office Depot or Fedex Kinkos they should be able to scan copies for you into a PDF and put on a disk you can e-mail to us, in case you do not have a scanner available.

4. Your passport is returned to you, now in the next five days you must visit the Migration Department for your Colombian ID Card.  The reason for this short time frame is that with the new digital processing the Migration Department is using the Visa approval date, not “date of issue”.    We will be ready with all your paperwork to take you to the Migration Department, or you may elect to do it yourself, your choice.  The new fine for being late we understand is being raised to $3 million peso.  This is an important task.

ID card Migration Department Application I can give you to fill out.  The blood type test done at the hospital, paper photos, deposit of the ID fee at the bank, copies of your new visa page, passport main page along with a copy of the bank deposit confirmation is what is required.  Your now ready to go for the ID interview for processing.  The ID card fee is not included in our fees shown below, this is a additional $160,000 peso or less, it keeps changing but this is close. The exact amount I will confirm in 2014 for you.

NEW PROCESSING FEE:    Our new processing fee for you Retirement Visa with all the new government agency fee, with the additional processing and the USA Apostille will be no more than $850. US.  The ID card if you need staff to take you to this office and help with the paperwork is less than $200.

This will get your SSA Benefits letter started into the process.  The balance of our fee is due in Colombian Peso upon our first meeting in Medellin. $750.US is the estimated amount due in Colombian Peso.  I will have all items ready to go for you. We will start at the Notary office, close to Poblado Avenue & Calle 10.  The notary fee  for your Passport, the copies, Application Letter and Power of Attorney letter, is ‘not” included in our processing fee, expect less than $40,000 peso.   Then we can head off to the photo shop [less than $20,000 peso] and a stop at the hospital for your blood test. [less than $10,000 peso].    We have staff to help you with this process for about $150. or less, US paid to our office, or you can elect to do all this processing & photos on your own.

my personal message on your visa process

My personal goal is to make this visa process as easy as possible. The steps as outlined in the book and above is really easy, take a moment to review and if you have questions just send me a e-mail.

Step one:   Email me your Passport main page and the SSA Benefit letter if you have your paper copy both items in PDF.   OR have the SSA office fax to the USA fax number your benefit letter.


The only additional fee to expect beyond our processing fees is on the first day we meet, is to pay for the notary fee, copies, photos, blood test, taxi and ID card bank deposit as outlined above.


The ID card process,  your interview at Migration Department is completed, they take 30 to 60 days for them to make your new ID card.  You will need to go back to this office to check to see if your ID card is ready.  They now have in 2014  a web site so you may check on the status when your new ID card is ready.

ID Card now in your hand you can open a bank account.  Bank of Colombia makes this a rather simple process too.  The branch at the Santa Fe Mall only opens new accounts in the mornings from 10 am to 11:30 am.  You will need a Spanish speaker to help with this process.  Opening deposit can be as little at $200,000 peso. There is a limit on the use of this savings account, let me explain when we first meet please, as banking regulations due to money laundry have changed.  This account comes with a ATM Visa card which takes a week for them to make, you will need to return to the same bank to pick-up your new card and enter your pin code.

The Credit office is close and can be done in the same morning too.  JAMES, assistance for this is paid directly to him less than $50. Expect possible up to 4 hours for these two items to be finished.


The investment Visa program has changed too, if your in this class of visa please e-mail me so we may talk about what the new plans  available to you.  This is for the better in my opinion with less capital on your part to quality.  Purchase of all most any apartment will qualify you for this class of TP-7 Visa.  I can arrange a meeting when you here in Medellin too show you how the plans work.



US Embassy American Services Contact Information

The American Citizens Services Unit in Bogota provides U.S. Federal Benefits assistance to persons residing in Colombia.  No federal benefits assistance is available at the U.S. Consular Agency in Barranquilla.

Mailing Address:

American Citizen Services – Federal Benefits Unit
US Embassy
Cra. 45, No. 24B 27.

Tel: (1) 2752-000, (1) 275-4900 Monday through Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00.

As of January 1, 2009, the Federal Benefits Unit operates on an appointments-only system. To schedule an appointment or to obtain information, please send an e-mail to or call(1) 275-2000, (1) 275-4900 Monday through Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.





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