Robbed on Medellin TAXI, it happen to me


Hello to everyone, this is hard to say, but after six years plus many years coming to Medellin and other cities in Colombia, I was robbed.  YEA, it happen to me.

Grabbing a taxi at the METRO station in the rain, so getting into the taxi in a bit of a rush.  I opened the front door of the waiting taxi, put my day-backpack on the front seat,  when the driver reached over, CLOSED THE DOOR, and in one moment at high speed drove off, ran the red light in front of him turned the corner.  Mind you there were four police standing 15 meters from me all this time too,, at the Metro station.

LESSON LEARNED:   The Police told me this has happening a lot around the tourist area, as backpackers, people leaving the hotels open up the doors, put baggage or cases inside, the drivers in a very fast motion drive off.

PREVENTION:  I now take a photo of the taxi door only takes a second snap with iPhone the plate number before getting inside OR use the APP Uber is slow and for faster service Tappsi & Easy Taxi I like as they show a photo of the driver & cell phone of driver too, plus a record of whom picked you up.

MY LOSS: Apple MacBook Pro, iPad, personal items and my daypack,,, really miss my Oakley prescription sunglasses hard to replace here.  Apple was great for fast delivery FedEx of new MacBook & iPad.  The one Apple feature I liked was that night I could remote lock my lost Apple items and erase the hard drive too all remote. Apple sent me a message later that night, both had logged into the internet someplace and were now locked and made into a boat anchor, useless.

POLICE: This was a hard item, all day “five trips” different days to see different people, to get the video feed from the Metro camera system, and file the reports takes a lot of time, to see a lot of different offices and people,, now after 3 months, nothing has happened, I still can not get the video feed to see. SHIT< this is so far down the priority scale, seeing the video will never happen.  The street gangs now in the city and other cities are learning how to rip off the tourist and us Expats, easy targets.  Be aware of this Taxi Gang methods, take a photo first, before getting inside.

Travel safe,,  my note for today  Rusty