Tourist robbed and shot on Poblado Ave at MacDonald’s

Editors note:  This is on the main road in front of MacDonald’s which is next to Olivera Mall and across the street from Santa Fe Mall.  This is a “safe as it get’s” area.  The news below was translated from the local newspaper today.  This happen in daylight hours 5:30pm.  The update from the local police is gangs now are getting more bolder.  Someone saw his “expensive watch” phoned the two on motorcycle to rob him in the process of this robbery he was shot in the leg.  I personally am in this McCafe one to two times a week, this hits home to me, way too close !!  Medellin is not safe. 

news paper translated below into English.

Colonel Carlos Alberto Wilches, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police confirmed Saturday that the US citizen injured last Friday at 5:30 pm by two men on Avenida El Poblado with South 6th Street, it was for stealing a watch high end.
“We know that the tourist came out of a mall, [Olivera Mall] which was making a purchase own family activities together. Unfortunately it is approached by two men on a motorcycle coming to steel his watch.

Abroad in this case it seeks to prevent theft be and is what causes the offenders violate their integrity. He is taken to a hospital and there is stable, in good condition. The National Police are currently investigating the perpetrators of this fact, “Wilches said.
As indicated by the authorities, the US was an engineer and had arrived a week ago to Medellin to business issues and now is recovering from a shot in one leg at a clinic in this sector.
“Faced with the modality of the freight costs, we have shown that these bands are attached to the criminal gangs engaged in theft, extortion and micro-trafficking,” he added Wilches on freighters bands that transgress in El Poblado.